Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, ^&%$ I'm sorry

Please allow me to use this opportunity to unreservedly apologise to my fellow forumnites for taking leave of my senses back there.

I was incensed by a baseless accusation against my person, an accusation of a crime that is a particular hot-button issue in my country.
Imagine a conversational adversary comparing your position with the flying of a plane into a building, and you’re about halfway to how seriously we take this Apartheid thing.

Despite not getting a response from the moderators, nor an apology from the poster in question, I should’ve known better than to spam the forum like that and for that I apologise.


Non illegitemus corburundum, and all that.

I would also like to thank everybody who took the time to send me private messages following this incident.
It is appreciated.

A final word:


I’m not sure if you saw the thread again later, but I apologized for provoking you while you were in a bad mood. That was wrong of me.

Just goes to show you, even a unicyclist isn’t completely balanced.

Edit: apology accepted.

I fully accept the apology. Glad you’re back amidst us.

Glad to have you back, and things back to normal! Or maybe slightly different. I’m done trying to convince FTL of anything…

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back Gild. Like you, I also got a bit hot under the collar and said things later regretted.

Returning to normal programming …

I’m glad that you are still amongst us.