Me Unicycling To Lupe Fiasco's 'Kick Push'

I know I already put this in ‘Unicycle Video’s’ but if i put it here more people can watch it
It’s my unicycling to ‘Kick Push’ by ‘Lupe Fiasco’.

kool, what are your tips for crankspin, i always think im gunna rack myself when i try it?

I can also only get one foot on the pedal, how far do you have to lean forward?

well for me the crankflip just came to me one day i couldnt do them the next they were easy
well you just have to think to yourself if you land it you wont hurt yourself. I just keep my body over the uni but not to far foward or else when you land i find it makes it harder to ride away. and dont lean to far back or it will be easy too bail and you dont wont that. but yeah you just have to commit and go for it.

Cool, that looks a lot more like a rev than a crankflip though.

yeah it was a pretty crappy one but i did take my feet off so it is a crankflip. it was just so it fit in with the music

please post any comments in the ‘unicycle videos’ thread of this video.



That was very cool. It’s a music video! I’d like to see more examples like that, where the picture follows the words, or the mood and changes of the music.

thanks if i find another decent song that will go with unicycling i’ll do it again