Me Unicycling To Lupe Fiasco's 'Kick Push'

This is a video of me unicycling to ‘Kick Push’. the main reason i did it was cos of the kick push coast part.


I loved your video. It’s really together. I hope you’ll do some more.

WOW, kick push :smiley:

thanks guys
it was fun making that one



you know, prawps! i liked it. how long have you been riding?

nah i dont really know. I’ve been doing trick riding for about 3 months or so. but before that i would have been riding for about a year and a half.

Nice vid.

Love the editing matched to flow with the music, awesome.

thanks . appreciate it

Yeah the movie went with the song perfectly. I was laughing at how well it fit together. The only thing is though it would have been better with different clips of you doing the kick push glide thing. It was still really good and good riding to the music.

yeah thanks but they were the clips i had so oh well. and its a coast not a glide but only a short coast

haha i loved the kic… push… kick… push that got me laughing:)

yeah heaps of people laugh when it gets to that part

Ha, that was great! Clean varial! I’d like to see some more flatland though! Seems as though you’re a great flatland rider with the crankflip, varial, and the kick…push…kick…push-ing, haha.

ps- my lx looks WAAAAY cooler with all the lables torn off… just a suggestion

i’ll take my stickers off then
except the sixsixone one
yeah im trying to do street and a bit of freestyle or flatland whatever you want to call it
thanks for the comments

How did you learn to crankflip? Did you follow Shaun Johanesson’s tutorial?

nah i tried to follow itbut i found the zero plants and footplants hard. i dont know why. i just kept on doing the crankflip and land on the ground with the wheel in front of me. then i got used to doing the crankflip and landing on the ground and i could feel i was going to land it soon so i just kept trying to land it and eventually got it.
you just have to practice heaps. good luck with it.