Me unicycling in the paper.

I know it has been along time since this happened, but i just found the story again and thought i would post it on here.

A guy from a local newspaper saw me riding and did an artical on me. Too bad the article is only like 30 words long.

I thought yall might wanna see it.


there is like this sign up thing I dont want to do that

Ok nevermind.

Is there a way we can delet this thread?

Here’s the photo and the text

Staff Photo/Steve Biehn
Kelly Hickman practices a stunt recently while riding his unicycle in Sulphur. Hickman says the unicycle frees up his hands so he can juggle balls or sip a soft drink while he’s riding.

kelly hickman - unicycle.jpg

Thank you John.

Cool pic! What kind of uni is that? What is that black thing on the seatpost? :thinking:

Cool that you were in the paper.

Pretty sure its a sun.

WTF a sun on a unicycle… must be hot :wink:

It looks to me like a spare tube.


I think it’s just something to cover the seat post clamp so it doesn’t stab his leg.

Yah its a SUn 20". The black thing came on a pogo stick to cover up the clamp. So i put it on my uni cause i was learning seat in front tricks and kept bumping my leg on the clamp.