Me unicycling for 2 months

meeting Hasselt

me unicycling for 2 months:

wow, you learned about the same speed i did which was quick. your hopping hieght looks great for 2 months and you can ride down stairs. Pretty good man. BTW is that your first uni a kris holm… lucky:p. Are you learning trials or are you not sure yet?

5 weeks on e regular uni borrowed from my cousin then I bought a used Kris holm 2007 at € 200

and I think I 'll do trial and some street

I 'm allready collecting euh damn what that word in english we call it palletten here, that wooden stuff people jump on

Just like your word basically. Palettes. Unless it has another name here too.

How much have you been practicing?

it’s called pallets :wink:
nice video, both

5 weeks on the regular unicycle I learned to ride until I didn’t fell of every little thingy on the road

3 week on the kris holm I started to jump 1-foot 90° unispin (I can land and jump on the tire but I can 't land on the pedals again :frowning: )

I was close. Just got the double letters confused :wink:

Cool. I’m pretty much at your stage of 5 weeks. I can ride decently enough, freemount, jump mount, and processionally hop more than twice. Although my turning isn’t very good at all. Soon I’ll have a KH. I have a 24" torker right now.

in the beginning it can be so frustrating when you’re not able to freemount always get back to the wall…

how long have you been unicycling?

I got my unicycle a bit after the middle of september. I haven’t been practicing too much because of school and such, and it’ll only get worse once the winter hits.

Most of my practice time so far has gone into mounting, which is why I can freemount pretty consistently, and jump mount sometimes (although I over extended my knee when landing from a missed attempt so am taking it easy).

I’m really bad at turning still though, and need to put more weight on the seat. When I turn I have to move my arms around and basically swim through the air to twist the uni under me, although once in a while I’ll get a good lean and turn properly.