me riding a giraffe

Howdy all!

i was given a giraffe a few days before last thanksgiving. here are some pictures of me riding it on thanksgiving day:

this is my first time riding a giraffe, with a few words of instruction from the net, and having never really seen anyone ride one (well, i think i saw someone trying to mount a giraffe at the last muni weekend, but it was not working by the time i wanted to give it a try). It took me about an hour after riding and practicing to free mount. I can do it about 25%-50% of the time after that.

yes, i did learn to ride it on a gravel driveway, and i have ridden it once on real pavement since then.

Just thought i’d share! I really need to get the rust off the old thing.


That must have been a blast to ride! Looks like you were having fun anyway… Congrats on leaning to ride a giraffe (more or less unassisted!). That’s something I’ve yet to learn; a giraffe unicycle. Perhaps one day I’ll have access to one to try :slight_smile:

Anyway…thanks for sharing!

Looks like its a lot of fun!

iv’e been wanting a giraffe,but while im at it i want a trials,a MUni and and a b.c. wheel…

I guess it’l have to wait.

how long did it take you to be able to just ride?(not freemount)
how different is it from a regular uni?

Giraffe riding is pretty easy, and not very different from normal riding. Personally I think a geared uni is harder. On a giraffe you have more time to correct for mistakes, but then again, the penalty when you don’t correct is a bit higher than normal.

so cute

i got a 5 fter thinking it would be fun, and it was for a while. but i have since got bored with it and never ride it any more. Im looking to sell it for sure. Its inm great condition. Any takers? Ithink 125 is a good price. (thats shipping included)


i will actually be posting it on ebay, but i cant until christmas when i get my digital camera.


It is way fun! One can hop on a giraffe and ride it; they are not really any different from a regular uni. Free mounting is the hard part.