Me quiting

haha Im rpobly just in a rlly bad mood and ill order new stuff tomorow…

Try riding a Primo Rod post, you cant bend that. If you do, Il buy you a new one.

Just so we can debunk the myth of profiles being totaly replaceable, what were you doing that they won’t replace it?

They dont always offer replacements. In Defect where J.Khose breaks his crank they didnt replace that. I have to say, Profiles are badly overrated.


Profiles are overrated, and the Qu-ax cranksets are severely underrated. They’re insanely strong, and the pinch bolt design works great. Only thing is the little nub, but hey, can’t have everything.

Yes! Let’s all buy Qu-Ax instead of Profiles! Weee! Actually, any decent splined hub will work, except for KH ofcourse, baaaaad experience there.

P.S. Erant is my brother, I’m allowed to take the piss out of him.

Profile sucks
Just had to say that:p

Peter M

Are you still going to be involved with max?


only bad thing is quax hubs are 48 hole. you can still buy alex DX 32 rims for them though.

stay on the forums though!

Hey…I just noticed that im in a sig line…Thanks Miles! Max didnt you just buy a new profile hub and cranks?


edit: sorry for the lol in rsu

You can get the Qu-Ax cranks on a 04 KH HUb, cheap, and so freaking STRONG!

Well ppl Ima get it all replaced like buying new parts just not now… And the 2 problems with my profiles where always that the threads get striped once the cranks then the inside of the hub. I agree profile does suck. Also ill get another seat post later on… Ima go to a mechanic shop and get my hub fixed and Ima sell that and the cranks for pretty cheap then get some kh stuff… So give me 2 weeks of no riding I guess and then ill probly be back… BTW I broke that seat post on a double flip in front of iverngr or how ever u spell that… and yes of course ill still be on the forums cauz Im such a freak :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s time to learn some freestyle? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah broken stuff really sucks…

Has anyone out there ever even broken a Qu-ax hub? I hear all of these horror stories about KH and Profile hubs, but nobody ever says anything about Qu-ax or DX hubs.

Or old school KH hubs:D

Great, another unfounded opinion with no information to back it up. Thanks for the useless post.

Why must people spam this forum with opinion and hearsay? When others come here for definitive answers they won’t know who to trust and what information to believe… crappy one-line posts aren’t doing this forum any justice.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself…

I have used the older KH 04 hub and cranks, the newer 2006 hub and cranks, Profiles, and the qu-ax, the only one I havent been on are the Koxx, but I am pretty sure I didnt mention those in here, unless I said someone broke them.

Used how? Did you buy all those?

Nope, just have friend with them, and we trade off on unis, like, if one of us get a falt, we use eachothers unis. I wish I had enough money to buy some of that stuff.