Me playing BACH while unicycling

here is it, my second video where I play the guitar while riding the O :smiley:

for those who didn’t see my first video, don’t worry any more because this link is for you:
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Allright, after having seen my first video, let’s move to the second and the newest video. here is it!

Playing music while unicycling is so fun! It’ll be wonderfull if these videos I post might encourage you to do it as well;)


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If anyone wanna see my youtube channel, here is it:

Playing music isn’t a circus act. :confused:

I’m a jazz saxophonist. Once I’m good enough at unicycling to not have the slightest danger of damaging my horn while riding with it I’ll definitely break out some charlie parker licks.

It may be a while, unless I get a cheap horn though. Other saxophonists would have a field day yelling at me if I did anything to damage my mark 6 (vintage, expensive, excellent).

haha awesomeness.

jack, why playing music isn’t a circus act? and anyway, who said that I was doing a circus act? :thinking:
I’m just playing the guitar while unicycling, and this is a unicycling videos forum, so reeeelaaaaax boy;)