Me on the Knoxville news.

So I was in Knoxville this weekend visiting my lady-friend and we were riding around UT’s campus (me on the KH29 and her on a bike) when a news van pulls up to the side walk and asks to take some video of me. I jumped up and rode down some steps and stuff. The guy told me i’d be on that evening and sure enough I was.

They showed my pre-hops instead of actually going up the stairs and left out my best riding, but i was still pretty excited about it. Plus they made some silly banter about it afterwards.

awesome and she called it a b*ke "he was jumpin around on “that thing”"she called it a thing :roll_eyes:

haha that was silly.

Yeah, and I like how they assumed that I wouldn’t be able to ride the “breezy” conditions the next day. lol

“An unconventional bike ride.” wow… maybe she had a loss of words, huh?

The editor cut before the good parts!

sweet vid ! I like it:)

I bet that was intense knowing your gonna be on the news that night. very neat :roll_eyes:

they did chose the worst stuff… that sucked, why do people insist on calling it a “thing” people all also assume we can’t ride in conditions other than really nice weather… oh well at least you got on the news…

is it just me or do unicyclists only get on the news in sunny conditions?? we were filmed becaude clactons temperature was over 10 degrees in winter!! they cut me out though:(