me, my story, and my question!

Hi unicyclists! My name is Jack and I started riding 5 days ago. I borrowed a 24" Torker last Sunday and today I made it all the way down my block! Yes, damnit, I am proud of myself. I have been practicing hard all week and am determined to ride this thing! :slight_smile: The internet has been my only help (I borrowed the uni from someone who got it as a gift and never learned to ride), and I really appreciate all the people who have put up webpages about unicycling; all the videos and instructional advice online have been great!
Although I am very new, I do have one piece of hard-learned advice that I have not seen posted on enough pages. Every page with beginner advice says to wear a helmet, which is great advice that I followed, but it is rarely mentioned (or at least not stressed) to wear gloves and elbow pads! Maybe I am just weird, but my palms and elbows took a hell of a beating, while I never really hit my head.
Now, my question. From what I have read, the Torker seems like a decent uni to learn on and ok for riding down the street, but I am a big guy at 6’4" and 245 lbs. I am worried it won’t hold up too well after I start learning to hop and go off small (and someday large) drops. Plus, I will have to return it eventually! I want to get into a little bit of freestyle and trials kind of stuff eventually and would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for a good uni that I can learn some more advanced stuff on that will hold up under my weight (although, with the amount of practice I have been putting in, I will probably be a lot lighter if I keep it up for a few months!).
I am a college student and money is an issue so I can only afford one right now and would like to know a good setup that will keep me busy for quite a while. I have looked all over webpages that sell unicycles and there are just too many to choose from! Any advice? I can go up to about $350 or so maximum, but would like to keep it as cheap as possible. Thanks in advance for any adice you have to offer!

Hi Jack and welcome to the forum.

Sounds like your a natural - Congrats! :smiley:

There are 3 different models of Torkers:

  • CX (which is chrome)
  • LX (black, a little stronger)
  • DX (strongest Torker)

…Which one are you riding?

the DX(strongest one) is splined and should holdl up fairly well. as you learn and improve you’ll know more of what you want out of a unicycle. if you wanna get into trials and street and serious 20 inch with splined hub/cranks is the only way to go. either a kh trials or soemthing with a profile set would probably do you the most good with your considerable size. i’m 6’4 180-ish and i destroyed a square taper set up buy doing some light trials on it. like 3 foot drops, and under, decent landings too. but they were kinda old to start with but yeah, you need splines for anything more than about a foot with your weight.

my advice is get a dx and start saving. by the time you break it, you should have 1) a better idea of what you want, and 2) enough money to get it.

5 days!

Took me 7 weeks to ride 150m!

keep going


I was just like you a couple months ago, just starting out, overwhelmed by the possibilities, a bigger rider (at 6’3", 225) and extremely driven to ride and ride! I started on a 20" no-name and ended up buying a 24" Torker LX. I didn’t quite realize how much time I’d be putting into unicycling at that point, so I didn’t want to spend much more than $100. I do wish I would have put in the extra few bucks for the DX, but so far the LX is holding up just fine. I’ve been riding 4-6 miles a night on it for the past month, missing a day here or there. I stopped at the gym to use their scale the other night and have lost 10 lbs!

I think, for someone just starting, you should hold off on buying one just yet. I’d borrow your friend’s 24" till they want it back. By that time you’ll be very comfortable ontop, be able to cover large distances easily, mount every time and do some hopping. If you do have to give it back soon, I’d get a 24". Slap a cycle computer on it too and you’ll really be having fun (and getting an amazing workout too!).

Oh, one more piece of advice is to learn the Static Mount ASAP! That helped me greatly.


Re: me, my story, and my question!

as well u should be

that’s one more of us
and one less of them

hold off on buying as long as u can
this will allow u to have a better idea of what u want to do with the uni and this will be crucial in deciding what u want to buy
if u can stretch it for a couple of months, u can also save some extra money, kicking up your buying budget by a couple of bucks

Five days! You are so far beyond where I was a five days. Of course you have a better unicycle but I’m sure I would not have learned that fast on my own.

The person you borrowed this unicycle from probably doesn’t really want it. They never learned to ride? Means they probably aren’t interested in learning now. It’s junk to them. So the question is, how much is it worth to this person? You may be able to buy it cheap. You will still want something fancier, but a “beater” is always good to have around. You could use that one for tricks if you buy a burlier one for trials or Trials.

I have a Schwinn 20" in my garage that I used to borrow from a friend during my early days of riding. He was never that interested in it, and eventually we ended up buying it from him for some small amount of money. Since then, many people have learned to ride on that old 20", and I guess it was also used at the first world championships to win the Pairs competition.

Where are you going to school? I’m in Carmichael.

Hand and knee protection:
If you ever read through one of the rulebooks below, you will see the only required equipment for most racing is kneepads and gloves or wristguards. Helmets are only required for certain events.

Thanks for all the great info, advice, and congrats!

About my learning in five days: School is out for the summer and I am unemployed for the moment (unicycling has killed my job search, I am so screwed! LOL!) so I have put in A LOT of hours in those five days.

johnfoss: I go to CSUS and live about a mile away from the school. I ride my bike to school normally, but next semester I hope to ride my UNI! I’ve watched quite a few uni videos but I would love to see a good rider in person, if you ever want to get together I’d be interested!

The uni I borrowed is a CX. I can see how the splined hubs would probably hold up a lot better and I really like the price of the Torkers, so for now I guess a Torker DX would be a good buy that will be a good uni to ride for a long time to come.

Another question: Does it feel much different to ride on different wheel sizes? If I can ride a 24" will I easily be able to get right on and ride a 20"? I’m just curious.
I do think that when I buy, I will stick with the 24" as it seems popular, and from what I know, it would be a good choice for both riding to school and learning some basic trials stuff. Does this sound right to you all?

I think a 24" would probably be best. There’s quite a difference between a 20" and 24", but you should be able to ride equally well on a 20" after a few minutes to get used to it. A 24 is a LOT faster, and can still be used for trials and freestyle, so it would be good for commuting while still being fine for learning the other stuff.

As for a uni once you figure out what you want, I would also suggest the Qu-Ax, which can be bought from It’s also splined, and higher quality than the Torker. Just a suggestion, a torker might fit your needs just as well.

Re: me, my story, and my question!

this is probably because you can hit your palms and elbows over and over and over (as you have figured out) and aside from hurting, it’ll cause no long lasting damage. most likely. you can hit your head once and be a vegetable for life. it’s not that it’s more likely you’ll hit your head…it’s just a more important body part to keep safe. (:

Excellent point! I hadn’t really thought about it in those terms. I was just thinking about the little pebbles that implanted themselves in my palms the first few falls I took before I got some gloves. :slight_smile:

Re: Re: me, my story, and my question!

Ah, James, do not say such things without first consulting your doctor!!! This is misleading… yes, skin grows back, and bones can be set back in place, but nerve damage can be permanent! I landed on the pavement, palms first, many times back in my skateboarding days and managed to damage a nerve in my thumb.

It’s not like part of my hand is numb now, but every time I hit my thumb just right, my whole hand catches on fire… A simple pair of gloves are all the protection I need to prevent the painful occurrences. My recommendation is that if you’re going to pavement often enough, some full-finger (and wrist) protection is crucial.