Me & Friend in magazine for unicycling!

Me and my friend got in a local magazine because of our talent in unicycling.
Last Month a photographer came to my school during lunch break and took me and my friend out the front of the school to have a photo-shoot of me and my friend. The photographer got us to hold books in our hands, ride past the school together and some other random stuff including us jumping down the stairs on our unis and me juggling 3 balls. It was fun.

The next day an interviewer of the magazine came in to ask us the general questions like
How did you get into unicycling?
Is it hard?
How much are those unicycles worth?
Many more were jotted down to put into an article of the magazine.

So it was a great experience and kinda promotes unicycling.

Lol good job dude. Your doing pretty good for yourself.

It looked like you two were holding hands at first. haha.

Cool though. It would have been cooler if there were some photos provided of the stairs and stuff though.

Pretty sure that you can ride bikes faster than unis.

Haha, the title is even the same stupid pun they slapped on my article:p

Same here. My friends fault.

love your work,well done.:slight_smile: