Me attempting to ride a Coker

Here’s what happens when you put a newbie on a Coker:

Sorry about that, try this link. That’s me in the yellow jersey near the bottom of the page.

I’ve been riding my Coker for a few weeks now. I have found you really want to slow your movements down and don’t lean forward as much as a 24". Going to take some getting used to, though I feel more in control when I return to the 24".

Hey Krashin’Kenny…Neet Uni that Coker…Is that hard to mount and ride? :thinking: A question I have…I just got my Torker 24" friday and that is a lot different riding than the 20" one that I have. It seems like everything has slowed down a little bit. I am only 5’ 4" with a 27" inseam. What is the distant from the top of the seat to the lowest pedal? I would hate to buy one and not be able to reach the pedals:D I also still have the problem of getting wore out to quick, I can go about 1 block and have to stop and rest, will this get better? or do I just have to live with it? Bye…Hope you enjoy the Coker.

Hey Keith,
Congadulations on your purchase, you’ll love the Torker. I just switched from my 20" to my 24" a few weeks ago and it did feel awkard at first. Now that I have been riding only the 24", the smaller one doesn’t feel right. I would keep practicing on the 24" and it will start feeling more comfortable.
As for the Coker, I made the mistake of riding it on soft dirt, you saw the results!!! I have a 30" inseam and still had a little seatpost left. The Coker belongs to a friend, so I only tried it a couple of times. Watching Jerry (the owner) mount it, made it look easy.
In regard to tiring out quickly, it will take a while to get your uni-stamina built up. I first started noticing ‘time spent practicing’ as 15 minutes, before,I too, was tired. Now, I’ve ridden 2 miles before huffung and puffing. This uni thing is a whole different game from bicycling! On my mtb. it was nothing to go ride for 2-4 hours and I’ve done a few metric centuries on my road bike, thought I’d jump on a uni and just ride forever once I learned ‘how to ride it’. WRONG!!! Do like I’m doing, just keep practicing (every day if possible) and it WILL get easier!!!
Remember: the whole point is to have fun!!!