Me and my unicycle

Hi Leon,

Your legs should be about a 1/2 inch from being completely stretched (straight)
when the pedal is in the down position. Get a longer seat post from Semcycle.



Being a not too talented unicyclist, I’m having problems. Allthough I can keep
on top, ride backwards, and some simple turns I’m not really getting any
further. Despite an hour practise a day.

Yesterday some man came to me and said he figured my semcycle was way to small,
he thought that was the reason for for the lack of progress. He says that when a
paddle is down my leg should be stretched entirely. Honestly I don’t see too
many unicyclist in my neighboorhood, and I’m wondering if his story is right.

I’m really tall, 208 cm ( 6 ft 11) and have a heavy duty semcycle. Wheel 24
inch, and the distance between the saddle and the centre of the wheel is 73 cm.
If I really stand on my toes the cycle just fits under me. This may sound
stupid, but I learned the game on my own, and have never practised with others,
so maybe I’ve been learning it the wrong way, on a wrong unicycle.

If too small does anyone know if I can get the semcycle extended?


Leon Degeling, Amsterdam