Me and my friends trials course

Me and my friend have been working on this course at his house for the past few months and where pretty happy with it now.

And heres one of me jumping around on it.

(Dumb Picture of me)

That’s preety awesome.

Yeah its a big pile of junk isn’t it. Pretty fun to ride on. It used to have alot more stuff but his dad knocked it down to move a trailer through there. So we just got it back together

Wish i had a place to ride like that.

Build one:) It does get really boring after awhile though. Theres only so much you can do without building more stuff. ANd we have pretty much run out of stuff though. Did you notice the metal plate things are pieces of a runway from vietnam war lol

That’s fantastic! Congratulations.

i dont see the metal plate things
but it look like a lot of fun:D

Nice course!

I want to make a trials course, but I’m not motivated…

Thats an awesome course…

I wish I had a bunch of junk to jump on.:frowning:

same here. i only have 1 palet from safeway which i stole perse’ lol

Its the metal things with the holes in them lol. You guys got any ideas of stuff we can do it to make it better. Where kinda stuck for ideas at the moment.

Thats very awesome!

make some higher jumps.

Like I said it used to have alot more stuff. we had stacks of crates going all the way up to 7 with rails in between. But his dad tore down alot of it to get a trailer through:( Where trying to rebuild later this week. We have another 40 pallets we need to do something with.

And do you guys have any idea of what we can do with the trailer sitting behind me in that pic. We want to incorprate it into the course somehow. We though of flipping it upside down and cutting the axle off to turn it into a giant metal box. Got any ideas?


prop up the back so it is leval with the ground and put wood on top to make it like a big box. and put some skinneys on it going to other palets :sunglasses: idk think