Me and Matt's new vid

Alright, this is Matt’s (Dudewithasock) and my first video…it’s pretty short, because we didn’t want there to be too much advancement in it, but it’s a pretty good compilation of our earlier skills
I recommend watching this on size 320…there some bad quality in there (we hadn’t figured out how to make the good quality yet), and pause it at the beginning for a few minutes to give it time to load (that’s not us, putfile just sucks for most people)

hope you enjoy it.


Putfile sucks! It wont play, it connects to the media, then says ready and does nothing! Oh well.

Rockin’ in pink!

For real…however, due to some extremely retarded parental controls, I can’t access, the site of choice…know any other good ones?

I connected just fine with Firefox just now.

Fun video - thanks :slight_smile:

Just upload it to your gallery on!

Rockin’ in pink!

We’re going to

Really nice vid, thanks for the freemount footage, really helped to see what you’re ment to do. Only one question, how come you guys spent a fair time on the deck in the end scenes… me I crumple in to a heap and bounce back up just coz of the shame of falling off… Am i doing this wrong…should I be rolling on the deck for a while longer? :roll_eyes:
I’m glad I did bounce yesterday evening, I did a sepectacular faceplant on the way back from work at the side of a busy intersection, it was dark and I’d miss judged the curb drop. Boy, a car sped over the spot I’d just been in. :astonished: Note to self: GET LIGHTS if cycling in dark to see the road ahead.
Any of you had close calls with any other road users?

tha t was pretty sweet you guys are getting alot better.

because when you get racked like that, you can’t get right back up

alright, I put the video in my gallery.
Go watch it there if putfile doesn’t work

Thanks…we actually have some more footage and unfilmed skills, but it would be way too much advancement in one short video.
We’re gonna start working on another one soon though

…he just did…