Me and Matt (Dudewithasock) unipwning

Alright, me and Matt made these, so we could have a joint account, and not have to use, and separate them…check 'em out if you really want to, but it’s nothing amazingly impressive
And hereis a link for all of you who don’t understand/know what pwning is

wow total pwnag3 i wish i was as good as you guys lol.

Don’t mock us, stupid 3xp3rt. n00b power.

hey im far from expert but your movie was good. i liked the hop backwards up the ledge…have you ever tired sif hopping or have you only pulled out then pushed back in?.

I tried that, and then promptly fell forward…I’ll wait till i can stall SIF before I learn how to hop

Yeah, Alex can do more impressive stuff than me, just because I’ve been stuck on idling for so long, and he’s been zooming through basic trials.

stand stills are fairly easy to get to pull the seat out…you guys should try ti.

Sweet, I’m in a sig
Well, I landed my first SIF hops yesterday…it’s not that much of a height difference, because I’m not that good at it yet, but i can definitely tell the potential is there…Now I’m hopping probably 8 inches

I can…uhh…ride SIB in a circle! And I can do 4-5 idles sometimes! :smiley:

Yay for slower learners.

I hear ya, I am SUCH a slow learner.


Same here.

Hey Matt and Alex,

I quite enjoyed those videos. Although I’m dazzled and dumfounded by shots of guys defying the laws of physics and risking death and disfigurement doing extreme trials and MUni, clips of people working on more basic skills are more meaningful to me. Heck, I’m fascinated just seeing someone freemount and ride away in a straight line. Keep up the good work!

I liked all your videos on here =p its good to see ppl like me wwho arnt the greatest at what they do, but they are getting to them, and now im gonna go re-watch some of them again lol

This Is our new video site, its got rating and comment features, which is always a plus…
We’re also id the midst of making a short movie…we’ll post it and tell ya’ll when we do