McNerdius, Day Three


i CANT get past the dead zone.

well i can, just not very often. I’ve had a few small epiphanys which
have made my experience much more positive… particularly the “nuts”
issue. My posture was way off. I realized this by looking into a
mirror while on my uni. It’s hard to describe, but i and the uni are
now upright, it’s much more comfortable and easier to balance.
Secondly was seat height. Also by looking into the mirror, i realized
my leg was bent much much more than i thought. So i raised the seat
back up. it is about 2.5-3 inches higher than before. going by the
rule of heel on pedal all the way down, my seat is now perfect. i may
lower it about a half inch, just to try.
Thirdly, weight on seat. This one… grr… i’m guessing the very
minimal amount of pressure that is on the lower pedal while i’m in the
dead zone is too much, only because of my slow speed. when i get up to
speed, it will make less of a difference ? in the meantime, should i
try removing my foot from the pedal altogether on the “backstroke” ?
or does anyone have any other weight off pedals exercises ?

i’m putting about 85% of my weight on the seat, 10% on the “Active”
pedal, 5% on the inactive. It’s been really hard trying to change
this. I’m stuck.

McNerdius, when I was leaning I found it was easier to go faster, the momentum keeps you going, and past the dead spot. Give it a try

I want to know what happened on day one and day two.

He posted day two take a look