McClure Pass, Colorado

Colorado uni touring is sweeeet! Can’t get enough of these climbs these days. Cheers.

Heres the pic.

nice view :slight_smile:

Nice! If I had to guess, I’d say that picture was taken looking east? Can you see Capitol from the pass?

I am looking more south than east, the early morning light washed out that amazing view to the east, which includes a couple of 14er’s. Your GB4’s are chewing up some epic miles this summer, thanks! Did you check out my Back to Back Epics post yet?

Do you have any tips on climbing, AspenMike?

I am currently wanting to build climbing ability.

I had missed that post, but I found it!

“cowboy coffee, (GB4’s favorite)” - You got it! The blacker the better!

Hi Mike, is that a 29er? McClure is steep, I have only done it my car. Which side did you do? It looks like your’e having fun. Dan :slight_smile:

HI Dan,
Yes, it is my GB4 29er and this ride was the Marble side of the Pass. It is always more fun when I summit, although riding up I had two 4 x 4 buck deer cross right in front of me, that was cool.
Ride allot, and concentrate on riding just climbs, and keep your upper body quiet. Also, know that it is going to hurt, but work through it. Most of all, JUST RIDE.

I see your writeups and stats and my jaw drops with envy.
Hopefully, you will go to CMW so that I can see your talent.