Kay Easton <> wrote: on uk.rec.gardening

: A bit of a long way, but the Jubilee Maze near Symonds Yat is great fun. The
: Maze is a ‘proper’ one, run by a couple of nutcases in Edwardian balers and
: hats, who claim to have a rescue vehicle - a unicycle. the encourage not only
: ‘solving’ the maze but then spending time there playing all sorts of games,
: and there’s a balcony where you get a bird’s eye view of the maze, and can
: yell instructions or jeers. It’s part of the Museum of mazes, with a
: fascinating display on the history and mathematics of mazes and labyrinths.
: Not too hard to get to - Down the M5 then the M50.

Have any of the UK uniers visted this maze? is it true about the rescue
unicycle, ( a gilby autobalence I assume?). If you find your self near
Symonds Yat I fancy it might be worth a vist, wonder if you are allowed to
uni it as a vistor…