Mazda advert finished

Some of you may remember that Mazda took some film before the Dartmoor Muni Weekend in May for an advertisment. It was absolutely vile weather, even for Dartmoor, and I’m amazed they managed to get any usable film, but they’ve made quite a funny short clip.
It’s at, then click on “in search of zoom zoom” on the menu in the top left.
It’s a weird site - I think the idea is that they want to be associated with fun and unusual persuits.
The jousting film they made earlier is on there as well.
And UDC got a plug :slight_smile:

Oh, the riders are me, Tue and Tom (and Luke from Mazda, not quite riding).


nice of tom to show him up! That kids an animal of a rider.

Great clip! How odd for Mazda to associate the slow sport of mountain unicycling with “zoom zoom!” But with the contrast between the beginner rider and the more experienced ones, I guess the zoom comes through.

What a strange way to attempt to sell cars!

Still it’s good exposure for muni, although it would have been better with more good riding in the vid.

I think this is a more direct link. But yeah, that IS a weird way to sell cars. Maybe the video will just get you to appreciate the 75% more wheel in cars than on unicycles.

So there is three quarters of a wheel on a car. Weird car if you ask me. I would think that it would be something more like 300% more wheels on cars then on unis.

Im sorry, but you just failed math 101. Good bye.

It is strange for Mazda. When I think of a car to take to a trailhead for a muni (or MTB) ride, a Mazda is not on the list. The image of a Mazda isn’t one that makes you think “I’m going to put a dirty unicycle (or bicycle) in the car and drive on a dirt road to go have some fun then come back tired and dirty”. That’s not the image I have of Mazda cars. Except for their pickup and SUV, and those aren’t the vehicles that come to mind when I first think Mazda.

A nicely done video. Captures the humour of the situation quite well.

I imagine Mazda weren’t thinking of you/us, either. :slight_smile:

A Subaru would be a better fit.

Uh, that’s what I thought of before remembering that’s what you were driving last time I saw you… I had two of them myself over the years.

Hey, maybe Mazda are just testing the market before they launch their range of unicycle racks. Wouldn’t that be cool!

:o We did our best… nobody else wanted to turn up.
But I think I know what you mean - the weather was so grim I’m surprised they managed to get any useable footage though. Anyway, they were going more for comedy effect than a unicycling promotion video - have a look at the jousting film on the site.


When I worked for the marketing department of Mazda UK in 1997[1], ISTR they were marketing a couple of Mazda brand mountain bikes. I think the idea is not to appeal to serious cycling enthusiasts, but rather to appeal to people who think they might like to take some exercise one day if they can find the energy (i.e. the vast majority of British motorists).

[1] Only temping in a secretarial capacity, I hasten to add. They wanted to give me a permanent job and train me in marketing, but my personal code of ethics would not allow me to take a job trying to encourage the use of motor vehicles. And I decided I’d much rather work for a living than get involved in marketing.

it just goes to show that unicycling is getting quite well known

you never know…it might even become as popular as bmx’ing or skateboarding in a decade or so

No fair!
I’ll be dead by then!

You’re wrong too.

75% more than 1 is 1.75, not .75