Mayor of Montreal is a unicyclist

The new mayor of my hometown, Montreal, is a unicylist! A Jewish unicycle riding mayor of Montreal. Wow, there’s a minority group if there ever was one.

In an interview with a newspaper last week he said:
"When I was a kid, I used to love motocross bikes. I used to love skateboarding. I used to unicycle. You know why I got a unicycle? When I was 13, 14, I had a two-wheel bike and it got stolen. And I was very upset and I said, “I’m going to get something that no one can ride so no one is going to want to steal it.”

I wonder if he is a member of
I guess he’ll be a well-balanced mayor.

I hope the folks organizing UNICON 17 in Montreal know this; they should be able to get some extra support from the city.

You also forgot to mention that his first language is English, which is another minority group for a Montreal mayor.

Unfortunatly, he is simply the interim mayor for a maximum mandate of 9 months, to clean the current collusion system. He was not elected by the citizens, nor does he want to be a candidate for the next election.

It would have been great indeed to have him as a mayor for Unicon 17…

Nice… our city authorities don’t even consider bike as proper transport.
I think it is worth inviting him anyway, even if he will not be a mayor during Unicon.