Maybe Tommorrow

Me and my buddy haven’t put out a new video in 5 months, so I thought it was that time again.

It’s a mixture of bmx and unicycling, like usual. The bmx rider is adhd brian on the forum, he can unicycle now as well, but we don’t have any shots of him unicycling in this vid, maybe next one. He’s pretty good.

Sorry about all the glitches in the video, none of my computers can handle my new hd camera.


Set as Private.

make public.

edit:damn beat me to it;)

It should work now, but it still has a little ways to go before it fully downloads

wow your computer sucks
it cut off the end of some of our tricks.

i think you should either get another compute like you had been planning to or we should have just used my computer

other than that i liked the video especially the beginning during the credits

he did
that was one of the tricks he wanted to do for a long time and he finnally did it:)

"This video is unavailable. "

You’re capable of such a higher sidehop…you should practice…you’d be a really good rider you have great balance

Most of the footage in the video are a few months old, but still I haven’t improved my sidehop more than 2in. since then. I practice my sidehop more than anything, and have everything down but my tuck. I can pull up the seat pretty high but can’t tuck my butt down to the tire, it just doesn’t seem natural. I’ll work on it though, thanks for the comment.

Why is it on :thinking: You live in SoCal, right?

Yea I don’t why its on the uk youtube, I was probally watching a video off the forum that was on the uk youtube, and forgot to change back over before I uploaded my vid.

Any other comments, comments are always appreciated so next time I know what I can do better on or what you liked.

I like:)

awesome vid!!
i way i found good for learning to tuck is to just do it on flat, just do few hops, get all the way down to sit on tire and then go up again :wink:

Sweet vid! I liked your BMX riding the most.


Do some squats, touch you but on the tire. Also high hops just streight up, w/ & w/o the uni, pulling your legs as high as you can.