Maybe the cheapest 36

I have never bought from this company. During my browsing I found this site. They have good pricing on torkers, and free shipping. Their price for a radial 36 is the same as udc, but they ship free. I thought I would throw this out there, might save someone 20 $.


In addition all of the Torkers come with a Unicycle Holder. That is also worth some loot.


ah, but it has a steel rim, not airfoil…

They have that no matter where you get them. Some companies just advertise it as a special thing. The stand comes from Torker.

bought from “brands”

Got a 26" torker from them. Shipped fast and came with a stand. Looks good in the living room! Ha! Was easy to deal with and reliable. Has the same 36" for the same price. They are reputable with fast delivery and tire options

Shipping is normally $40-60, so that’s a good savings.

not really, this one has a steel rim…actually, i just checked, so does the one on UDC, so nvm…

you want the airfoil…

in my case, this is like 70 bucks savings

I bought my DX from them too, and it was good :smiley:

maybe think also about the new Qu-ax one cause they offer an ISIS Hub now :slight_smile:

I think I went to that web site when i was looking for a unicycle

It’s a good website i got a torker tx and a 36" radial from them which saved me easily over $50 on shipping since the packages were about 25 pounds each. got the unicycles in about 3 days, the only thing that was bad is one of my crank cap’s were missing but i emailed them and they are sending me a new pair.


oh come on what do you expect me to do pay more than double the price just for a different brand that isn’t all that much better than torker? no way!