(maybe) Roundcrown Trials Unicycle

As I’m going into surgery in the summer and I will be unable to ride this for two years, I’m thinking of selling my roundcrown trials uni.


-KH Hub, rim, and 135mm cranks Note: Rim is buckled
-Odyssey twisted plastic pedals (worn)
-Montey Eagle Claw tyre
-nimbus roundcrown frame
-KH fusion street saddle

The rim is buckled, meaning the tyre rubs the frame when it turns, although it is still rideable. the cranks are a little clicky, but still solid. The pedals will need changing soon, the tyre has a worn strip at one point.

Not really bothered about how much it goes for, maybe £100?

Not definately going to sell it, it depends on what offer I get.

oh yeah, I sharpied the frame, but that should come off easy enough.

Just an FYI for People who use USD,

100 Euros = 133.14 U.S. dollars

I assume since you are using Euros you do not live in the United States? I wouldn’t mind a cheap 20-Trials.


That sign is not Euro - it is Pound Sterling - GBP

So I assume he lives in the UK


Yep, I’m in the uk, although I’m not sure about sending to the US, postage is too much hassle

sent you a pm mate :slight_smile: