Maybe a new unicycler here?

Hey there. If this is posted in the wrong section I apologize.

Wondering what you all would recommend for a first unicycle?

I’ve done some research and seems like the Torker DX is a reasonable choice. I see there’s a 2010 version (around $350) and a different one (around $290) but the price is drastically different. Any idea what the difference is? Or suggest any other direction I should be looking?

By the way, I’m 5’10", 270 lbs, and a guy.

I’ve heard that the 20" wheel would be easier to learn on, but if I’m shelling out that kind of cash I’d probably want something that I’ll like more later. Any suggestions between 20" and 24"?

Also, where in the heck do you buy a unicycle from? I went around to about 7 bike shops and saw about 5 uni’s in all. Each was made in china and not really branded. I didn’t feel comfortable purchasing one of those since I’m kind of on the heavy side.

Thank you all.

get a nimbus from!

I learned on a cheap torker LX 26" from ebay. I knew the first would get beaten up and I didn’t want to spend a lot on a learner.

People say 20’s are easier to start on but I bought my 20 after I learned. Being a bigger guy you might prefer a bigger wheel.

The DX is suppose to be good but I have no experience. Nimbus has been well for the money for my needs.

You’ll probably need to cut any seat post on the uni you end up with (FYI) and it will get dropped often.

Think about what you’ll want to do later, muni or street or tricks, also.

Good luck, it took me almost a month before I was confident to go long distances, but you’ll get it if you KEEP PRACTICING!

Keep us posted.

Okay, little more research and I pulled the trigger on the Nimbus 24" MUni. :sunglasses:

It’s on. Well, as soon as it gets here it’s on.

You made an amazing choice! Nimbus is great and since it’s a muni it’ll hold up to anything you’ll be able to throw at it at least for a few years (unless you get super good freakishly fast :stuck_out_tongue: ). And 24 is a good size as it has a decent amount of versatility but if you’re like the rest of us here you’ll probably end up getting a few more sizes anyway haha

NICE! You’ll love it. I love mine:D The tire might be a tad knobby for concrete but you’ll be ok

Yep +1 to the Nimbus.

I bought the 24" Nimbus Muni a couple of months back and love it. I weigh 175lbs. and run my tire pressure at 18lbs. and it rides great over all types of terrain. Have fun learning and don’t be hard on yourself. It all comes in good time.

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Awesome. Time to sign up with a new user name. :wink: Really, once you decide to do it, you will be able ride a uni. Just keep practicing, and keep it fun. It took me over a month to just be able to ride a few rotations, but I don’t regret a moment of that effort.

Good choice, I learned to ride on a Nimbus 24" too.

The best thing about it is once you get comfortable riding on a flat surface all you need do is throw on a knobbly tyre and it’s hello off-road unicycling.

Duh! Skip the game :stuck_out_tongue: