Maybe a good 24" street uni?

If i were a 24" street unicyclist this would be sweet…


I’d definitely want a wider rim with that tire. The hookworm doesn’t have very stiff sidewalls and with a rim like that you would be sure to fold quite a bit doing bigger street. Yeah the one you posted would be nice, but I would get the one I just put up.

I tried to ride light trials and street with a hookworm…it wasn’t a very fun experience. Id suggest a fatter tire, wider rim and a tire with stronger side walls. Also, those plastic pedals may leave you slipping and sliding more than you’d like.

i rode trials on a 24" nimbus X for almost a year. it was not that bad at all.

Dont koxx-one make a 24" street unicycle. I think its called a road monster.

Yep yep.

i think a kh 24 would do fine for street :stuck_out_tongue: just change the tyre to sommit you like. Its all preference though

I think this or the Nimbus II that you recommended would be perfect. :smiley:

Hazmat, we are discussing street unicycles, not unicycles to just ride around in the street. The AX would be terrible for street, its got a single walled rim, cotterless hub/cranks and a horribly uncomfortable seat.

As for the hookworm, that is easily my favorite 24" street tire. Justin Kohse rides it (or used to atleast) and hes arguably one of the best 24" street riders out there. As for plastic pedals not providing grip? I’d say a majority of street riders ride plastic. They are much lighter so they make flips and unispins easier.

1) Ohhh…whoops

i would replace the seat though, nimbus one’s are kind of uncomfortable i’d go with a kh fusion street

i would change the seat though cuz the nimbus one’s are sorta uncomfortable, preference again :smiley:

:astonished: Really they look just like a KH Fusion Street.

no. the nimbus gel is 10x as comfortable than my k1 seat.

Ya i thought, it looks pretty comforatable.

How does a seat look comfortable?

And This Doesnt


Ok that is a bit extreme I mean all the fusion/koxx styled ones they all look the same to me.