Maybe 2 uni's for sale...

i might sell me 20" and 24" unicycles. Just cause i want to take the money and buy a good 20" trials uni.

anyways, the 20 has:

-viscount saddle,normal seat post
-black bedford frame
-Monty Rim, and a Luna tire ( brand new tire )
-and kh cranks and hub , the right ones a little tweaked but there still really strong.
-and some weird shiny pedals haha

and the 24" has:

-a miyata seat post, but a really crappu seat so i would suggest changing it.
-green ( once chrome so its chipping off) Yuni frame
-Brand new Gazzolodi 3.0 and a double wide rim ( little tweaked , nothing a good trueing would fix)
-Profile cranks and hub
-and some nice wellgo pedals ( not the ones that come on the KH unis, these ones have replacable pins and there awesome for Muni)

and that about covers it, i think im gunna ask about 375 for the 20" ( thess prices are canadian), for the 24" im not sure what to ask for it, ull have to decide when u see the pictures.

let me know if your interested,



Re: Maybe 2 uni’s for sale…

Wow dude. With the exception of the pedals, we have the exact same muni. Down to the doublewide and chipping green paint.

ya it looks exactly like that but a different green and a horrible seat that a made myself, haha

and the 20" is the one i use in the videos


its this unicycle but more beat up, ITS BEEN TO MOAB!!

screw i changed my mind i want my unis

pics pls