May I have.....

May I have any tip of how to use hand break on uni. I dit try ‘search’ but failed to get anything of it. Thanks.:slight_smile:

You want to squeeze the brake lever smoothly. I find that it’s hard to use the brake on flat ground unless I’m going pretty fast. Go find a nice smooth downhill to practice on. A brake is easy to use downhill. Just squeeze the lever gently and lean back a little. Be careful letting off the brake at the bottom of the hill.


I only ever used mine for long downhills. Just apply gentle pressure. If you get it right you just roll down the hill. All your pedalling is just for ballance.

I don’t have one on my new muni yet but I’ve been playing with rooty single track so I haven’t missed it.

For all you people with Magura hydro v-brakes, in what situations do you use them?


Truth is, I haven’t used mine very much for three reasons: 1) my expected summer of chairlift-fueled downhill rides evaporated when the local ski area decided to cancel lift service for bikers, 2) my standard technique for riding down hills has improved, and I’m getting down stuff now with no brake that seemed impossible to me back in April when I bought the brake, and 3) with the default setup, I’ve had a lot of trouble holding the brake on during long bumpy downhills. Inevitably, my hand slips off the lever and I UPD. I just purchased one of those clamp-on levers to change the angle of the brake handle, and I’m hoping this will make it easier to keep the brake on.

So to get back to the question, when I plan to use it is on extended downhill rides, where my ancient knees would otherwise not last. Perhaps I’ll get in good enough condition this summer to try that Downieville Downhill during the CA weekend.


TU Gents. It is a plenty to know for starters.:smiley: Uniwitold.

So why not just use a cheap drag brake or something like that if that’s your only use?