May have figured out the Click issue with KH cranks...

As some may remember i was having issues with my cranks clicking…

i think UDC may be installing the cranks wrong.

i took apart my cranks this weekend to see if i could fix the problem…i couldn’t. well tonight i would this picture…

I remember from taking apart my cranks that i have a spacer between G and H… according to that picture i should not have this spacer…or am i wrong?

could this be causing my clicking sound…

tomorrow morning i will gte my Uni out of my car and remove that spacer to see if it cures my clicking hopefully it does.


What kinda spacer are they installing. PIC let´s see it
G is the place for grease and your Crank after that comes the black ring whichis on one side thinner then the Bolt.

I suggest you DON’T remove the spacer. From what I know about splined hubs is that those spacers are vital to the operation. I think it has to do with rubbing against the frame. Also, spacers won’t cause clicking noises.

yeah, leave the spacer in there. It is impotaint that the axle bolt holds your crank/bearing/spacers tight against the hub body, and not bottom out in the axle. while taking out a small spacer may not cause the bolt to bottom out before the crank is secure, this is sometimes hard to feel.

If your splines are greased up, and your axle bolts are tight, you have nothing to worry about. Creaking/clicking is just the nature of the beast.

What makes you think they install the cranks? My KH came in a box that had obviously never been opened since it had been shipped from taiwan or wherevere they’re made, why would UDC mess with the uni before they sent it out? My KH also has very thin spacers between the ‘flying saucer’ and the crank, they’re certainly there for a reason, if your cranks are well greased and tight then leave them alone.

ok let me go through this again…

the cranks wre installed by UDC i asked for 127 cranks. When i went to pick it up (i live in georgia) it wasn’t ready because they were installing the cranks…

It looks like on my unicycle that spacer ‘E’ is installed between ‘G’ and ‘F’.

so instead of the order being ABCDEFGHJ mine goes ABCDFEGHJ

hope this clears up the misunderstanding. I need to go get the uni and grease it up


The spacer you are talking about. Is in their to set the clearence for your frame Look at it closely…
You should have the large spacer, then small spacer then UFo and lots of grease…Check your spokes for the noise loose or bad tension also causes this problem…:smiley:

I got my kh hub and cranks installed by bedford. and they click too.

ok i applied anti-seaze to the splines…problem still exists… :frowning:

its gotta be the spokes or the pedals…i’m thinking spokes…i guess theres no way for me to check this…i will go to a bike store and get them to check it next week some time :frowning:

clicking noise sucks…


its not your splines…it is indeed the spacer(i assmume you mean the flat disk one) but it isnt a amalfunction… the spacer will catch ever so slightly when the wheel turns and when in un catches it gives a little click. this happens with my Gen 1 KH hub and its only on one side and happens once per rev…its not a problem but it can be a little annoying. but whaever you do dont remove the spacer it keeps sticks and dirt from getting to the bearings.

It doesn’t matter, just ride it.

First place I would look is the bearing shim. If the bearing slips off really easily that will be it. Easily fixed. Take off bearing, slid off shim, get some paper (dollar is good) cut a slither and place around the splines where the bearing shim goes. Slid the shim back on, you may need to put a screwdriver in the slot to get it over the paper. Put the bearing back on… it should be really stiff to get on.
That should fix it.


On my custom 29er i have a new KH hub and a semcycle xl frame. To get the two to fit i had to play around with the spacers a fair bit and now they are in a completely different order to on the KH website (although all of the spacers are still used). Do any of the specific spacers have to be in any specific places to keep the dirt out eg. the UFO next to the bearing?

Remember, the bearing clamps/holders on the semcycle are main-cap style, different to the ones on the KH frames.

yeah i have the same frameas most the one thats got the main cpa bearing holders that havean edge(not like the new KH alu. ones) and i keep the at"ufo" as you call it spacer there all the time. it just keeps thebig dirt clods outta there and stops the barings from getting hit or broken if the uni falls

ok so lets say it is the spacer catching a tiny bit then clicking…i’m sorry but this shouldn’t be happening on a 500 dollar unicycle…thats crazy. and to know so many people have this problem and it doesn’t drive them crazy, is crazy.


i dont notice it when im riding but when im puching it along i can feel and hear the slightest click noinse. i wouldnt let it bother you…and if is does then just ask for a new one.

i’m gonna give UDC a call tomorrow to talk to someone about this. but honestly it seems like even if i am given a new hub/crank set the thing is still gonna click…

my roommate believes it is in the spokes because he was listening really close to the wheel and thought he could hear the spoke vibrate after it made the click…but i think they all feel tight but i have never built a wheel so i don’t know.


Who cares if it clicks? Just ride!

I like the clicks.

Maybe your bottom bearing holders are on too tight or too loose. If that doesn’t work, try taking it by a bike shop and see if it is a spoke problem or something similar that is a simple fix. Also, if you haven’t tried already…try tightening your cranks.