May 2010 Street Unicycling

tell me what you think about it :slight_smile:

Pretty good street! keep it up. My one question though, is how did you get the 2010 Seat post to fit on your Naomi saddle? I just got the seatpost and its huge at the top!

Good stuff. It might help to raise the seat on the black uni. Just a little bit short, I’d say.

Sweet. How long have you been riding?

nice! the 360 off the grind was cool!:slight_smile: and don’t raise your seat.low seats are cooler :sunglasses:


EDIT: i also really like your riding style :slight_smile:

dude, awesome stuff! love the rolling 3 spins off stuff, down the 2 stair was unexpected! big spin looked real nice too, and grinding is great also :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I cutted the part with rings below the seat:

i have been riding for 1 year now.

Longer seats are better for your back if your taller

since you cut your seat doesn’t it move around a lot?

No it doesnt even move a little bit :wink:

wow okay thanks for your help dog. like i said before awesome skills for a one year rider