Maxxis Holy Roller

I’ve been looking at the Maxxis Holy Roller 20"x2.20 for use with the KH20" rim*, and I’m thinking it would be a great tire for a mix of flatland/technical street.

*KH20" rim, not the KH19".

So, what would you think of this? It seems like a great tire choice for the job I want it to do.

So, if anyone has tried using it before on a unicycle, I’d love to hear what is to be said about it.

Also, this compared to using the Maxxis Grifter.

i dont know compared to maxxis grifter but i love it on my freestyle uni. can be inflated very hard or soft, is light and has decent drip for outdoors. and its nice and wide. i really like it.

I would just go for the Grifter, I rode a KH Flat uni with it for about 10 minutes and it felt amazing. I’ve never tried the Holy Roller but there’s probably a reason that the Grifter comes stock on the KH Flat uni and I know a couple good riders using it with no complaints.