maxxis creepy crawler

how is this tier i heard its a really good uni tier but im not shure at all

yeah its fine.
it comes stock on the 2006 DX and probably the other models too.
cant complain

should i get this, or the luna for my new custom trials?

For street riding, get the Luna, for Trials, get the CC.

You can do both on both tires, but lots of people prefer Luna for street, and the CC for trials.

I love my CC tire, its the only brand ill use from here on out.

i don’t know if i want to do trials or street. hmph.

what’s the major difference which would influence me to do street rather than trials?

i mean i know the difference pretty much, but why trials or why street?

the difference between street and trials is kind of the gray area between the disciplines. where exactly the border is is unclear. i would suppose its the crankflip. if you do flips, youre doing street. anything else is trials in a street environment.

when you ride now, do you atempt more street tricks or trials and hopping on stuff? i’ve never tried a luna, but i do some of both, and the cc is great. if you do street stuff, rotate the tire often (10-20 rides) to encourage even wear on the knobbies.

i suppose a better question is what is the difference in setup. To me most street and trials unicycles look pretty similar and they can double up as both nicely, although im sure for pure street or pure trials there would be different specifications desired.

the cc is nice and bouncy for trials but it wears quickly. the luna rolls smoother for street and lasts a fair bit longer, but not quite as nice for trials.

I would get a Luna tire for either. My friend went through two CC in a very short time befor using a luna. He uses it for trials as do i and it works great I have had it for a few months at 10 psi and i havnt had to rotate it. If it were a cc it would be completely gone by now.

Ive rode the same CC tire for street, freestyle, muni, and mainly trials for 8 months now. It is still going good, plenty of grip, plenty of life left.

Brian back me up.

I have the creepy crawler and I love it. I’ve had it for a few (four?) months now, and I hardly see much wear at all on the knobs. I do mostly trials on it, but it makes a good street tire (tyre, whatever) too. It has a lot of bounce, and is very grippy. I’ve never had it fold, even when I’ve side hopped a good distance and landed sideways/i.e. without rolling out. Tires aren’t so expensive either, so it might be worth it to get a luna and a cc, and see which one you like best.

I’ve never used the luna, but I always hear great things about the CC, and I don’t see anything wrong with it either.

i dont really like the cc. it wore out so fast. id say its not very good. but i didnt really routane my tyre that much eirther