Maxxis CC wearing down

Well my CC is wearing down and pretty soon I have to get a new tyre. So what’s good for street? I’m looking at the try all and the monty trials. I tried a luna and it felt weird, and it was pretty narrow for 2.5". I’d make a poll but I don’t want to make poor ol’ harper mad;)

Really? My friend has a Luna on a Norco M-Uni 20" and it’s pretty fat looking to me, but I have never seen a Creepy Crawler in person…

He has a Kenda Kinetics 20x2.6 on the front rim of his bike, that tire is quite a bit skinnier.

the monty 2.5 is good if you can find it. and it lasts for ever
try all is supposed to be really gripy which it means it will wear down fast
maxis cc is probably best for trials
luna is the best for street and it is my preference for trials

Monty makes a 2.6 and 2.7 tire now too. I like the luna, it lasts a lot longer than the soft compound tires.

Id get a luna for street. It doesnt wear down as fast and is a good stable tire for run ups to lines.

Wow, I have had my CC for about 7-8 months now. Its getting bald, and I have roated it pretty frequently, so its bald all around, but it has plenty grip left.

Whats wrong with a worn tire? I thought the xavier tire was the big rave now. Just keep rotating it and get it slicked out.

My lbs has a monty trials 2.6 and it looks nice. I think I might get it when mines toast and yes I have been rotating it. I rotate every week.
Evan, I havn’t heard of xaviers slicked tyre :thinking: Does he ride street with it? or is it just a novelty thing?

Check out and click ride. There is a pic of it.

smooth wide street tire?

I’ve been using my trials uni with the maxxis creepy crawler tire for street riding. I dont really want to wear it down to nothing. I’d like to preserve it’s tread for trials riding.

Is there a smooth 20x2.2 or wider tire i can buy and put on my trials uni to use for street riding? Is there such a tire made?

No. You have a mod 19" rim so only mod tires will fit. For street riding I think an actual 20" rim is better because you have hundreds of tire choices instead of the 5 or whatever we have now for trials rims.

I like the Luna just fine. It’s better for street, smoother and rolls better. But the Maxxis is better for trials.

I’ve never had to buy a replacement trials tire for my kh, so I have no idea where to get a Luna. I tried udc, danscomp, webcyclery.

Where do I get a Luna? I tried one a few weeks back, and it was so much better than my CC.


wouldnt a slick tire have more grip! im considering taking a knife to my tyre to make a slick.

hehe let me know ho it turns out^^

I am not sure.

My CC is completly bald in the middle around the whole tire, but has some knobs left on the side. I still grip like crazy, but it rides really smooth. =p

a slick tyre would have more grip on flat concrete/tar

i imagine if you hopped and landed on the edge of something though, a slick would slip and a knobby tyre would catch

Not true for me in a lot of cases.

I think it has a lot more to do with the rubber compound then the actual tread of a tire.

He has a Kenda Kinetics 20x2.6 on the front rim of his bike, that tire is quite a bit skinnier.[/QUOTE]

theres wher ur wrong its and optical illusion it looks skinier because of the larger diameter