MaxxDaddy Video Review/ Demo

This is a video review and demo of the MaxxDaddy tire. I put it in this category, because one, it is a video and… well yeah. So I use this new tire and give a short demo of what I’m able to do on it after about 2-3 months… enjoy… (Available for $19 at, shipped to my house in 3 days for only $6!) (Youtube) (Vimeo)

Why did you give it a higher rating for trials than freestyle when it has a smaller width than a trials tire??
What size rim does you uni have?

Prob because he hasn’t ridden a trials uni (I bet). That wheel is 20", a trials is officially a 19" wheel.

That side blow out could have been because of the tire’s thin sidewalls, your narrow rim, too little air pressure, or a combination. Pump it up more.

IMO a pretty good tire if all you have is a 20" (BMX size), but I wish the sidewalls were thicker (prob better w/ thin ones for BMX).

It is better for trials because of how bulky the tire is, and doesn’t roll as smoothly as a “freestyler” would want. (I’m guessing)


When I installed the tire the sidewall had a minor bend in it, which might have come from something sitting on it before shipping, and when it came out was from the first time I inflated the tire. But when I fixed it and re-pumped the tire it has yet to fold.

I put one on my sons Torker LX 20. He likes it alot better than the Kenda K-Rad. It fills up the torker frame real nice. It works good for his street riding and plays double duty on the trAIls, when we go for mUni rides. He’s a little guy so he doesn’t need much tire. I don’t think it is great trials tire, it does work for a good multi-purpose tire.

Nicely done! $19 seems like a great price too. WHat happened at the and when you rode across the street and fell? Did you hit a curb? Also cool uni and frame color! :sunglasses:

I like the idea of a serious review, but it would be better if you compared it to something else, and showed where they make a difference, or how they feel different etc.
Anyway, I do like it… it would be good to see more.
Great price and tire. Wish I could get them in Canada for that

Yeah hit the curb, just flubb’n around some to make the video a little more interesting.

Will try to put something like that in my next review, got some new pedals but the problem is that you need to put some serious hours into a product to get an in-depth review. I guess the point of this, and hopefully “these” reviews will be to have fun, and maybe give a slight insight into how the product preforms.

no it should not be fun. It should be very very serious.

ARRGGHHH!!! MR. :angry:

i think the tire looks very thin, and not like a trial tire, but if it doesn’t fold, and you like it, im sure it’s good!!!

you do not have to ride a trial uni to do trials, it depends on what you like…
and this isn’t live or die, it’s have fun or not…

Yeah, ride it and have fun:)

Save your money for a KH, avoid drops, replace parts as they break w/ these.

If you avoid hopping on asphalt and concrete it’ll last longer.

This tire is 20x2.25 not 19x2.5 , so technically not what people call the standard of trials tires.