!!! Maxtafari Donation callout !!!

Hi, as not all people use Facebook (which is a good fact!!!) I post this also here to reach YOU

[B]!!! Maxtafari Donation callout !!!
Hi all together, this is the official Maxtafari Donation Callout. Here the Story why I initialize it in short words: DJ maxtafari was planned as our DJ for Unicon 16 to provide us good sound while Trial, Street and Flatland. So far so good. Some weks before Unicon, when he ask for some Budget to travel and sleep he get a simple no instead of a fair negotiation. So he told me that he wont be our DJ which was understandable for sure. So he find a way to travel to Brixen and meet all you guys to have fun together. Then when Flatland start he decide that he should provide us with good Sound anyway to support you, the riders and the Event all over. So he work that day in the burning sun and finaly he appear also when we start street and invest another day in the burning sun to bring us the right music style we wanted. This was REALY GREAT, many many thanks Maxtafari, this show a lot about your personality!
Now you maybe ans why is a donation callout needed? While Flatland Maxs notebook start to become trouble because of to much heat and while street it was even more worst because of higher temperature and worst conditions to cover the Notebook. In the end of Street the Notebook was nearly dead and it die then some days later completly. So he is now well back home without a working Notebook and therefore he cant produce music right now which is his life at least. If we now just spend something between 1 and 10 Dollar or Euro, it should be possible to collect enough money that he can buy another Notebook. For sure many riders here would like a new Notebook for free but I think its a different situation here and I will start right now to add the first 30 Euro.
Please share this post inbetween your friends, I hope we collect enough money very very soon. Its a small step vor everybody of you and a big one for Maxtafari to be back in business. Thanks for your attention and thanks to everybody who support this idea.
If you still read the thread, you should also know where to send your money. Just send it via Paypal to - baudoin.baudoin@gmail.com - and it ends up direct in Maximes hands. I guess he will update us how it grows and for sure stop it once it is enough. This is nothing to make him rich, its something to say thanks to him for a lot of great things he do just because he love music and the community. Thanks Max!

As this is now a week on facebook, Max already get over 100 Euro, this is great but unfortunatly not enough. Feel free to ask whatever your question is about this donation callout.