Maximum Unitron

That’s not fair…pallette.

Damn right Max. You should have kept the parts when Hugo said “I, I, I think you broke a spoke!”.

Ok, now it is.

Insane. Loved the wheel splosion. Good times. Can’t wait to ride with you in a bit. Stop.

you cut that part out when you sent me that clip :stuck_out_tongue:

nice vid, man! your hops are mind-blowing, per usual.

that is EPIC!!!

Max! I love this video! You’re late flip gaps are amazing now. :open_mouth:

Some great trials lines and an impressive display of non-trials skills, too.

pff… dafuq :stuck_out_tongue:
The entire vid, I was like this :astonished:
how can you be so good? its unreal?!

Cheater! :wink: I’m almost 100% sure that Max is using a gravity hack… :astonished:

or a anti gravity tube :wink: