Max Schulze

I don’t know if Max is on the forums, so if he is, I’d like to say I’m a MASSIVE fan of his. After watching a few of his videos, I wonder, is he the only one to land A) the frontflip and B) the Maxflip? just curious


Adrien Delacroix also landed a frontflip and something close to a Maxwhip at 1:57 in this video:

Frontflip in this one:

Max is definitely an amazing unicyclist! Adrien has also done a frontflip, and he can land a forward whip too, it’s much more consistent than Max’s and he just calls it a seatwhip.

Adrien’s whip is to the front and it’s been called something different but I forget what. Max’s whip is to the back and he did it rolling.

Max does his flip different, SIF, and he calls it a side flip, and can do it off a small drop (I think it was a foot). IMO its a bit front and a bit side.

Julia - I think seatwhip is allready taken. Isn’t it where you crank grab on an obstacle and whip the uni around forwards or back?

I love Max. He’s totally awesome! He’s like the King of Trials unicycling, with Kris being the King of mUni, and Dan Heaton being the King of Street. :smiley:

Adrien’s is called a seatwhip. The crankgrab thing isn’t really a trick anyway. I think some people call that ‘around the world.’

Edit: And yeah, Max is seriously awesome. My favorites of his, apart from the Maxwhip and sideflip, are his 540 hoptwists and his treysides… I’ve never seen people go so big with either.

Adrien’s is a seatwhip flip, or a whip flip. (static with the seat backwards and out in front) Let’s not forget the crankflipping part of that trick. Max has only done one back whip (maxwhip) but he’s front/side flips are surprisingly consistent. I know that Max is getting into a pretty intense field with schooling and internships not sure how much time he finds to ride.

I wouldn’t call it a seatwhip flip. The whole uni spins, it’s not like the frame is spinning, and then he does a crankflip - he flips the whole unicycle.

Also, Max’s had a half crankflip in it, I think.

Adriens version has been named a uni flip I think. I’ll ask him.

And just to clarify for unipsyc0, Adrien landed the frontflip first.