Max Schulze UNICON video

That was an awesome, awesome video.

I had to re-watch the part in reverse, I didn’t catch it the first time.

Awesome skills !!! Well impressive !!! Nice video, enjoyed watching.

That was amazing!

Nice Riding. The varial to pogo was cool. Not to mention the trey double!!! The trials lines were sweet. Nice table gap!

Nice video! I really liked the trey double and the rock line!

good save at 1:32 lol. wicked grind at 0:32. every other clip also deserves a mention but im too lazy. i hope to ride with u again some day

I hope to be in his presence again some day.

I hope to be in his presence also, definitely not when im asleep though…Max truly is “the” man… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope to be in your guys’ presence as well, but i really hope you don’t think i’m “the” man, cause I think we all know who is…

chris? lol. nah i know wat u mean

Max is “the” alien from Duluth

The rock line at 2:20 looked so crazy. Awesome Video.

WHAT THE F*CK! Seriously…Just wow brotha

ok fine max…i’ll admit it, your not “the” man, it was the scary kid from australia with the red helmet…


As my son would say: That was inhumane! :smiley: