Max Schulze Trials/Flat


The lines in that video were so insane…

flat tricks were also good.



vimeo when it’s ready:

pff, I like your style so much!!! :astonished: :astonished:
awesome lines and tricks
your trial AND street/flat are just amazing :):slight_smile:

Max you’re crazy! Good job!

Awesome stuff!!!

You got some mad skills… but next time leave out the flat stuff :wink: haha i like your trials skills way more :smiley:

Very impressive!

You should start incorporating flip tricks in your trials lines! Like, I was almost expecting a flip off that one rail (the one were you hopped on to rubber).

And on a less positive note, land your treflips to seat in!

You’ve gotta be the best trials rider around.

That was so amazing. The trials was awesome, and I loved how you did hops straight to rails, and used pedal grabs only when necessary. Really loved it!

Keep it up!


Awsome. I love your style, looks realy cool with the high seat and nearly no corection hops. You motivated me to ride more :slight_smile: (but sadly there is snow everywhere and I dont have a garden).


Awesome video Max! You’re so massive in Trials!

Keep It Up!

unbelievable trial lines

respect, respect, respect

very cool

greets simon

Any chance of a re-edit without all that flat?

that was incredible. keep up the awesome work.

HAHAHA! what a beast!

W :astonished: W

Amazing!!! Just like your others:D:D

Holy s*** best trials video I’ve ever seen. The lines were world class and the flat kept it fun. That last roll you did was nice, I’m stealing it :D.

Edit: Yes, treys to seat in :wink: (Song had been used before too)

Crazy! I’m so glad you got sponsored by KH, you are amazing!

Flat was good and trials was amazing!

Perfect! that was the editing i was looking for from you max! good blend of fish eye on the flat and regular on the the trials…

I literally shouted at the screen when you jumped from that on table to the other! you crazy Fo

and Drop what these kids say! the flat was sweet… you are an all around rider that prefers trials. No shame in showin off what you have been working on out side of trials…

But you should listen to pele about the seat-in :wink: the man knows what hes talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

see you in moab if not sooner :sunglasses:

Oh and it was a great song :smiley: