Max Schulze Sponsorship Vid

How long have you been riding?

very nice. your pretty dang good and make it look easy. first really good trials video ive seen for awhile. Solid rail riding

I think i’ve been riding for almost 4 years

What frustrates me is that it tells me I need to DL “the plugin”, which is Media player 11…WHICH I HAVE!!! :thinking:

Edit: I watched it on flashplayer instead. AMAZING! Great video! :slight_smile:

dl divx and you won’t have this problem.

Go into the source for the page with the video (view -> source). Then find the URL of the actual video. The easiest way is to press control F and then search flv, mov or wmv depending on what format you want to DL to. After that paste the video URL into the address box and it should ask you if you want to save it.

Thanks Alex !! Worked… :slight_smile:

Just finished watching the video. Great skills Max !!! Enjoyed watching that. The bail at the end looked rather sore…

watched several times already and downloaded, sweet as video man. love the street trials mix great to watch.

great vid,great song,great riding…dang son you’ve gotten good since last time i saw you

Amazing, you are an awesome rider. I’d say you’re the best trials rider in North America that I’ve seen footage of.

thanks man, where are you from?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
You definitely deserved to be taken up by a company.

What is your vertical and how tall are you? Some sick ass jumps.

the highest i’ve jumped is 46.5" and I’m 5’11"

Coolest trials video EVER !!!

are you sponsored yet max? got any offers?

Only just got around to watching this video. Now that you’re on the KH team I guess I had to watch it to see whether you’re truly worthy… and you totally are!

One of the best trials vids ever in my opinion. And it’s awesome to have such a talented trials rider who’s got some pretty kick-ass street skills too.

Some really smooth and creative lines in there. I agree that you have nice Ryan Atkins-like style. The pedal-grab over to the next rail then pedal-grab over again was nice. You recover from all your hops really nice and smoothly which makes it great to watch.

I love that song, MGMT is awesome, and it was a great song to edit and watch to.

One thing I’d say is that, as nice as fisheye lenses are, they can be a bit confusing (particularly in a trials vid) because of the distortion, especially with moving shots. But anyway the filming was nice and it was put together really well, I loved it.


Joe Campbell invented that move. It’s really hard to do.

Yuss I landed that stepover to 180 unispin thing you did, except I found it easier landing it seat-in. I got it clean as too I reckon. I was trying to think of something new to do a few weeks ago and thought up that trick, but then I saw both you and Spencer doing it. I copied you and the high seat definitely helps!

Thanks for the inspiration

I learned it by watching Spencer’s videos. Haha :slight_smile: