Max Schulze Sponsorship Vid

yeah… sweet

haha, theres a thread talking about how you deserve this. Do you remember me? I was that guy with the dx with the blue frame and green kh seat. I commented how you were very good, and it didnt even look like you were trying.

Max, you’re crazy. That was awesome. I liked at 2:00 when you rode that one rail and gapped to the other.

Hah, another familiar name. Im about 34 seconds into your video, its all good so far. Very impressive stuff

Does it take forever to load for anyone else?
Download or youtube/vimeo link?

Its coz its such a HUGE file…
Youtube would be good…

Dude… Yeah…

You deserve it. Me and Phil say you are the young version of Kris Holm. :slight_smile:

Cant wait to ride with you again.

cool video mate, nice work…

Yeah youtube would be nice. Especially for people like me who are on dial up speed because they went over their download cap by watching super high quality videos in stupid formats like this one, lol. And I don’t think the computer I’m on has quicktime anyway.

Whine whine…

If its ok with Max, I already have it downloaded on my comp, can switch its format and could put it to youtube or vimeo.

Anyways, 540? When did you get those? haha. Sweet lines, and pretty sweet course. That 180 was huge. And the very end made me laugh. Ouch.

I love it.

Can someone pleas explain how to download the video rather than trying to watch it online ? Searched and can’t find any download options … perhaps I am just being special…

Those technical lines where nice. Keep up the awsome riding!

Better formats has converted them to flashplayer and WMV in much smaller files so feel free to check it out now.

Very nice riding :slight_smile:

Insane riding, realy sick lines in there.
Your rail balance is just so good, realy amazing
Hope you will get sponsored real soon, you realy disserve it.

Awesome. First trials vid I enjoyed since Tom Pec’s “Spirit”.

180 was awesome. And was that a treflip? If so, that’s pretty damn good for a trials rider (I’m only assuming you don’t practice much street, since you just started at NAUCC right? And you were already do some basic flip tricks and such).

Great vid.

makes me want to ride.
thank you!

… VERY impressive.

very impressed with the trials. and how big was the set you 180’d?

it’s not that far of a drop, maybe 4 feet. but it is a longer stair set, about 8 or 9 feet i’m guessing. those are complete guesses though so they might not be accurate.

He looks kinda like a young kris holm but his trials looks like ryan atkins style.

The vid was so sick! The trials was amazing and you’re also good at street. You’re just a beast!