Max Rainey 1:00 Street Video for Bmx Contest

I did this video with (banned user) Max Rainey for a BMX contest impersonating BMX rider Kevin Porter. The riding isn’t groundbreaking, but we went to some of the same spots from his videos and did similar/comparative/same lines unicycling instead of biking so it was more based off of that then hard riding.


Nice! I love the longish lines and old-school vibe.

Man, I love his riding seriously. Sucks he got himself banned :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool video! Very smooth riding!

All he has to do is stop that right arm from flailing about like a commonly used middle age hand weapon consisting of a spiked ball attached to a handle by a chain or cord.

Other than that… pretty good stuff.



Max got 4th place, winning some shoes among other things. I’m really stoked about it. :sunglasses: :smiley: