Max! I'm in Minneapolis, can I join your trials ride?

I’m in Minneapolis for the next 3 days and by an amazing coincidence, apparently the TCUC is hosting a trials ride right by my hotel! The TCUC website says to contact Max…

MAX! Are you out there? I don’t know how else to get a hold of you…I also don’t have a unicycle, might you have an extra?

It’d be soo cool to hang out with other unicyclists during my one time in Minneapolis :slight_smile: PM me or txt 209-534-5388.

-onelesscar (aka Todd Shaver)

I’m 99% sure they mean Max Dingemans, that might help you find some contact info. He’s a nice guy.

Hey Todd, just texted you from NE Mpls. Welcome to heaven on earth. Feel free to reply by call or txt. Dan

You may definitely join. I probably have an extra you can barrow, depending on your height.

Depending on what you’re doing, I’m also up for riding during the morning/early afternoon Wednesday. Or don’t forget practice Wednesday evening, if you’re into freestyle/flatland at all.

Hey Max, how’s the new place?

My legs were sore for 2 days after our ride, that might have something to do with driving around Lake Michigan right after the ride though. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Max, I won’t be able to ride in the morning wednesday, I’m attending a conference. Freestyle practice wednesday evening sounds splendid, however, if I can find a way to get over there.

I’m about 5’9", and Dan has graciously offered one of his 36ers for me to use, and though it will be an awesome way to get around the city, it may not be too helpful for trials :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so excited!