Max height of a curb which you can ride up??

ive been wondering…what is the highest hight of a curb which you can just ride up? on a lets say 20-21 inch uni

i had this thought ages ago and dont think there has been a thread about it yet…:smiley:

about 80cm

Only if you have a ramp.
Ride up.

I can do about 10 cm on my 24".

80 cm!
wow i dont know a lot about metric but isnt that quite a big curb to roll up?

I dont even think curbs that big exist!

In order to actually ride up a curb as opposed to doing a rolling hop up a curb, you would need a wheel that has a radius that is at least equal to the height of the curb. So unless you have a 64" big wheel laying around that can handle the abuse of rolling up curbs, I don’t think you will be able to roll up an 80cm curb.

There’s a great extra on Universe 2 called ‘Rough Terrain Unicycling’. The name of the chap escapes me for the moment (there’s an article on him in the first UNI magazine). It’s from about 15 years ago. You should see this fella ride up kerbs. He makes it look annoyingly easy.
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George Peck

He’s the grand master of curb rolling

The city of Langenthal in Switzerland is famous for its high curbs. In places they are more than 100 cm high. This is on-topic information for this forum as UNICON this summer was held in Langenthal. I rode my uni on those high curbs, but not onto them. There are ramps all over the place.

Sissies. I ride through curbs.

so all that extra body mass comes in handy then eh?

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thats impressive!

i can easily ride up curbs on my 20", i havent measured how high they are but im estimating about 10-15cm.

A drunk in a local bar told us why the curbs are so high in parts of the city, apparently during flooding season they used to divert the river straight through the middle of town along the streets with high curbs to stop it flooding the entire town. In his own words “they’ve got a pipe instead now, but it’s not as good”.

only Ryan Atkins could ride up the curbs of Langenthal

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I can do “curb idling”. Idle with the curb were your cranks are vertical, and idle back and forth, up and down at the same time.


That sounds impressive.

Me, I can probaby ride up about a 5" curb (just eyeballing it, haven’t gotten the tape measure out yet) so whats that? About 12 cm or so? On my 24". Usually that height throws me but I can do it sometimes if the cranks are in just the right position. Consistantly? 4" or about 10 cm.

I did a little curb-rolling workshop with Nick Brazzi for one of his podcasts last year, but I guess he stopped making them. That was probably a 7" curb or so (on my Wilder). If you unweight the wheel you can get past the radius limit by a little bit.

If you can find some stairs that are each half your wheel’s circumference, you can even roll up them. Like this.

Curb Height

I can ride up most 15 to 20cm curbs all of the time if I hit them at an angle and can time my pedal position. If I ride the curb strait on then it is just luck if the pedal is positioned correctly. I can always make it up a 7 to 8cm curb. What John Foss does in his video is awesome. I guess with a little swaying of the hips he just rocks up those curb sized stairs one right after the other. That is a very useful skill to have for Urban riding. I will have to work on it some. Thanks John for that informative video.


I’ve ridden up a 30cm high log