Max Gaitan and Aidan Teleki- Trials

Hey everyone,

Even though this video is of Aidan Teleki and myself I really wanted to be the one to post it to the forums cause its been so long since I’ve made a video or even ridden. I had a knee problem for a while and then never really got back into it, so I want to thank Aidan for getting me riding again. He’s been really awesome to ride with and I’m really happy to be riding again. Here’s a video we put together from riding over the past few weeks.

Also sorry about the parts of the video with the black bar on the side, we had some problems with the camera and computer.

Two words: just awesome! and yeah next time the camera will be fixed. :smiley: Hope everyone likes it!
Next will be our documentary with Joey.


Max, I’ve missed you! NO DX!!! hahahaha.

And Aidan! No idea you were that good, lol. I love how you can get so high without tucking, means there is room for much bigger things for you :slight_smile:

nice video!

Thanks so much Colby!

I enjoyed that very much, you’re both awesome riders!
This might seem a bit rude but i dont know which of you is which? haha, who has which uni?
Very much enjoyed, more videos please?
It’s great you have someone to ride with too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if Max had the black uni and I had the green and orange one then one can tell. Plus the styles are different and I’lm blond.

I love this vid, so chill!!! I wish I could ride with you guys.

haha, sorry. by the time I’d finished the video i forgot the beginning :stuck_out_tongue:
Still a very nice video, you’re definitely going to be epic trials riders. :smiley:

Thanks guy its awesome to hear good feedback. And confusing the two of us is pretty understandable haha Aidan has so many different setups in the vid.

haha :D, and you were wearing helmets!
how long have you both been riding for? and how high are your biggest sidehops? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been riding for a little over two years now. Started on my brithday (April 26th, 1995) in 2008. My biggest side hop is now 35 inches which is 88.9 centimeters. I’m sure Max has gotten higher because he is very good at tucking.

Actually the highest I’ve ever measured was 34.5. But I don’t bring a tape on most rides. Aidan and I are pretty close in ability though.

so uhhh found a computer max? :wink:

I’m glad to see a new video of you Max. I really enjoyed this and it really makes me feel like riding trials!

Max, you have an Impact Gravity, a KH longenck and a Nimbus II frame? And Adian you have like 2 wheels and 3 frames? haha.

No I have a kh longneck not max he just baroed it. It was a nimbus frame but also the K1 devil frame that was mine just spray painted black. He got the impact frame at the end of the vid. My green rim was starting to break so I had to use my street rim. My KH longneck was just spray painted a lot. (White and black.) so actually two frames for me. my name is aidan :slight_smile:

Nice video!

Now i’m ready to go out and ride.

ha ha i liked 1:43 and 3:00 :smiley:

nice jumping. one of you seems to be able to tuck better than the other but the other can us the tire compression more efficiently. i have been riding for too long to not be able to jump that high :frowning: i just don’t like SIF but i suppose it would be worth learning.

very nice video

What are you taking about tire compression? I don’t understand at all.

i wont go into too much detail just search it, but basically just before you jump on a unicycle you will have to compress the tire at least slightly (this is when you push down). By doing this you will get an upward “bounce” from the tire. to use this well you must compress the tire the most you possibly can without “bottoming out”, which is where you push it too far so that the inner tube is crushed between the tire and rim, probably resulting in a “snakebite” or just a usual puncture.

oh okay now I understand but i have never heard anyone talk about this before