Max and I on the local news WUSA9

Max and I were interviewed a few weeks back and the piece aired tonight. They cut out most of my interview and left a small section of me saying “sport” twice haha. Also, the news reporter stole part of my interview and said it as if it were his own word at the end when he said “it is the purest form of cycling”. Also, note another news caster says “13 years old, they are both braver or stronger than I”…I don’t think they said that I was 23 at anytime in the interview haha.

My fall is pretty funny though.

Can anyone capture this and send it to me?

That’s pretty awesome, and there was actually some good riding in that news segment! You guys are pretty friggin’ decent! :slight_smile:

I wish they’d shown more about your coker, though, and had cool speed shots or something… (I’m just a coker guy, heheh).

And if you do 16 miles a day of Coker riding, you’re probably a quicker rider than I!

You guys hop across the river?!

Wow, that feed sure hates my Safari browser, (I assume). I get two copies playing about a half second apart, and when I close a window to kill one copy I am left with the audio but no video for the remaining copy.

Anyone else getting odd play issues? (I’ll try again after work on my Firefox browser)

Hmmers, worked fine for me. I’m using Safari 3.0.4 on Leopard (10.5.2). I’m also using the latest Flip4Mac WMV plugin. What are you using?

That was pretty cool!!!

Nice… but some people are just so ignorant! (the news readers…)

Meh… and you said you bike to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, because I do. I bike, unicycle, and drive to work. They cut off the interview and put it in random places in the video. I said that unicycling takes me a little longer than driving but if I bike in it is faster than driving, so they just used the portion that fit the video better I guess…


“no gears and no breaks is not a good combonation”

haha! if they only knew!


The story came out great, but I was disappointed that the water was so high that day. Like the guy was saying, normally there are tons or dry rocks in the river and you can gap from rock to rock all the way across the river.

I have Safari 3.0.4 running in OS X 10.4.11 on a laptop. I don’t know how up-to-date my Flip4Mac plugin is. I also don’t know which cat my operating system is named for.

However I just saw the story fine using the Firefox browser. Nice exposure!

I’ve had experience being interviewed by news media (in a different subject matter) and I can attest that they do a mediocre job of accurately covering all the details of the story. Editing is akin to sausage making apparently, the result bears little resemblance to the original and it’s best not to see how it’s made. Makes me re-think what I think I’ve learned from news stories on other topics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, if you look at the bar on the very right of the video page you can see the list of most watched video on the wusa9 site. Our video is 1st!

Way to represent! That was a good piece.

News always screws up everything they touch, so all those choices and comments that make for a good news piece rather than a good unicycle piece are par for the course.

Good job.

You showed them some great riding!