Max and Alex

Holy crap! how high was that first sidehop? with the stack falling?


Cool video, I liked that there was Trials biking as well.

Really enjoyed. Liked on vimeo.

dood those were some huge hops in that video :astonished:

Great video!:smiley: You definitely know how to pick awesome angles that showcase the sky, and some urban settings, like at 3:55 to 4:07. Alex has some solid skills at flat and street!

How high was the pedal grab off the trampoline at 2:25?

Thanks! I believe that was exactly six feet.

uhhhhhhh holy freakin shit I can’t believe what I hearing…

Max you’re a beast, dude.

Looks like Alex has his rolls pretty consistent, as well.


thanks for being such an inspiration :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys:) Glad to see you guys enjoyed the video.

I feel bad for not ackonwledging you Alex :frowning: I was pumped after seeing something so huge
You have a nice style Alex, especially that varial roll you did near the beginning, you have a nice little flair, you will be amazing soon i bet! :smiley:

Haha. Don’t feel bad:D. Thanks for the comment, I have been working a lot of different varial roll combos.

I loved the follow-cam line at 1:05. You get so much pop with your flips, and it looks really cool. Must be all the trials riding. If it weren’t for that little correction after the late treyflip(?), that line would have been so perfectly flowy.