Max and Alex 2

Don’t watch if you will be angry because I’m mostly biking… There is a lot unicycling though.

Awesome! Alex’s flat is getting really good, I loved all of the combos! And the 900 and 720sidespin were both amazing and clean! The mix of biking and unicycling was also cool.

How are you so good at everything! :stuck_out_tongue:

Alex’s flatland is getting pretty good :open_mouth: I laughed at some of his combos though cause some were fairly impressive, high difficulty combos and some were like really really basic. But sweet :smiley:

nice video, alex his combos are really good.
and max, you are so good with 1 wheel and 2 :smiley:

Thanks for the comments guys.

I didn’t really realize this until you mentioned it. Some were basic, i guess really really basic for you:p

I enjoyed the bike trials. I’m use to seeing people do flips/spins on flat and flat, it’s a bit refreshing, even though seemingly conflicting, to see flips/spins on flat and bike trials. ha. Enjoyed it none the less. Is Alex able to make it to nattys?

No, unfortunately Alex can’t make it this year. :frowning: Hopefully next year though because I think he would get a lot out of it.

Yeah fsure, any riders that go to events get so much motivation out of attending.