Matty P's Hitting up Queensland

G’day G’day,

im comming up to Queensland next week so if any riders up there are keen let us know and we can all work out a good day.

Hope to see a few of you up there!

i’ll be there


also want to get abit of filming done of some of the QLD riders to shuv in some vids down the track.

I wish I could.
While your here I was just wondering on your SHAK video with you and dan on the shak, What do you mean by…

Nitro: So what you boys are doing you dont recommend at home?
Dan & Matty: Definitly not…

Isn’t that kinda discouraging unicycling :thinking: :frowning: :o
I have and I have already made a unciycling video.

haha yeah we had to say that. but you can see i dont say it very seriously. and plus, what kid ever does what the tv tells them to? if they hear some one say dont try this at home, the first thing they wanna do is go try it :slight_smile:

really lol! cool so thats what happened. In the video im sure nitro is not like that when hes not on film. And how long did it take him to learn how to ride the unicycle for like 30 seconds? I always watch the shak after school, i just did a few hours ago. Do you mind if I PM you cos im very interested of what happened on the shak and you ontheir and stuff.

haha yeah not reli like that at all, nice guy tho. and he learnt to ride in about 20 mins, the guys a fast learner.

PM away mate :slight_smile:

wow 20 mins thats scary.

nitro is such a nice guy, i saaw him at the big day out. it was good that he had enough time to chat with his fans.
if you go to townsville i’ll ride with you.

Im not comming to townsville, haha.

Reef, come ride brisbane for a day with me and kev, itll be rad. i need sum footy of you guys for vids. plus keen to ride with you guys again, neva got much of a chance at the nats.