Mattt/Rob Call out

Lets do this Rob. We have one month from today to have a video posted. so we will both post it at the same time on april 15th. The video will be judged on riding filming and editing. Bring it rob!

P.S. I would also say we can only use footage from today on.

April 15th sounds like a lovely day to bring it.

Really late, Still waiting for robs video should be up last weekend he said :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure it’ll be soon. i figure if i post mine it will light a fire under his a$$.:smiley:

Nice trey – one handed too.
I’ve never seen a rim bend on a grind. How is that possible?

The “trey” was a full-out flip. seat in to seat in, thats why i did it one handed. I think the rim bending had to do with a mixure of me landing sideways really hard and building that wheel myself really badly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet vid. Sucks how that innoicent ledge grind turned into that haha… landing sideways is a killer